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From Concept to Reality: Our Journey in Creating the KANO RNR

From Concept to Reality: Our Journey in Creating the KANO RNR

Rugged Shark |

Your next adventure begins now: introducing the KANO RNR—a lightweight and trail-ready shoe inspired by the raw power and rugged beauty of volcanoes and magma. Engineered with an EVA body and a neoprene liner to mirror the dynamic forces of nature. Just as molten magma shapes the landscape, our shoes are designed to mold to your feet, providing unparalleled comfort and support wherever your expeditions lead you.  


From the beginning, our vision was to design footwear that was tough enough to meet the spirit of adventure head-on. With this in mind, we searched for indomitable forces in nature for inspiration. Volcanoes have long been admired by mankind, and their tendency to lie dormant and then suddenly erupt into action is what gave us the idea for the KANO RNR. With our inspiration found, we set out to turn the KANO RNR into a reality.   

Taking design queues from volcanoes worldwide, we sought to choose color palettes that reflected the igneous rocks of hardened magma and the blue waters surrounding volcanic islands. Our iconic swirl pattern represents the flowing pattern of volcanic eruptions and the crashing waves of their encompassing waters. The KANO RNR always gives the impression of movement even when standing still.   


Our team of designers focused the KANO RNR around the idea of an EVA exoskeleton that would provide both durability and responsiveness while staying lightweight enough for any outdoor excursion. Keeping with our shark motif, the exoskeleton design for the KANO was modeled after the mouth of a Basking Shark, one of the largest species of shark on the planet. The bold aesthetic focused on the 5-gill inspiration with a toothy outsole tread that included traction pods made from non-marking rubber. Our signature Rugged Shark Bathymetric pattern - the depths and shapes of underwater terrain - brings additional texture to the sidewall.  


Constructing footwear with the ethylene-vinyl acetate compound has been popular for over a decade, and it's clear to see why; this lightweight yet durable material ensures that your feet remain comfortable and protected, even in the most challenging environments. The process is straightforward as molten EVA material is injected into a pre-set mold and then cooled into a shape. This process ensures a product is more consistent in quality and performance compared to traditional shoes.   

The neoprene liner emulates the insulating properties of magma, enveloping your feet in a snug embrace while wicking away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. Like the rugged terrain forged by volcanic activity, our shoes feature a robust outsole designed to tackle any surface with confidence. With superior traction and stability, you can navigate steep inclines and rocky surfaces with ease knowing that your footwear is up to the task.  


Our shoes are more than just a witness to nature's power—they're a celebration of the adventurous spirit that drives us to explore the great outdoors. Designed for those who seek thrills beyond the beaten path, The KANO RNR outdoor shoe embodies the resilience and determination required to conquer new heights.  

With footwear inspired by volcanoes and magma, every step in the KANO RNR is a reminder of the awe-inspiring forces that shape our world—and the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to explore them. Take the first step of your next adventure today!