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Outdoor Participation Grows for the 8th Consecutive Year

Outdoor Participation Grows for the 8th Consecutive Year

Rugged Shark |

The year 2022 marked a significant milestone for outdoor enthusiasts as the Outdoor Participation Trends Report revealed an unprecedented surge in both the outdoor participant base and diversity among new and young participants. The report's findings showcase a 2.3% growth in the outdoor recreation participation base to a record-breaking 168.1 million participants, underscore a cultural shift towards embracing the great outdoors. This surge represents a staggering 55% of the U.S. population over the age of 6. This report sheds light on the increasingly diverse nature of the new participants.

Industry growth hinges on attracting and retaining both the traditional "core" participants and the growingly diverse "casual" participants. The key to achieving this is embracing innovation, promoting valued sustainability practices, and advocating for policies that enhance equitable access to outdoor spaces for everyone.

One striking revelation from the report is the increasing participation of seniors in outdoor recreation. Making up 35% of the base, seniors now represent a notable one in every five outdoor participants. This demographic shift underscores the universal appeal of outdoor activities, showing that adventure has no age limits.

Whether it's camping, fishing, sport climbing, skateboarding, or hiking, 80% of outdoor activity categories experienced growth. This diverse range of activities not only caters to various interests but also contributes significantly to the overall expansion of the outdoor community.